Search, book & sell flights through our Vueling API

Vueling currently flies to 100 destinations in 28 countries around the world, and its main hub is located in Barcelona. The Duffel Flights API is built using NDC from the ground up and allows you to search, book and sell flights from Vueling along with 20+ other airlines through a single integration.







The future of flexibility

Supported API features

Search and Book Flights

Paid Extras




Search & Book

Search for flights from Vueling and more than 20 other airlines with real-time pricing and availability.


Cancel & Refund

Make it easy for your customers to cancel bookings and get a timely refund without having to bounce between Vueling and agents.


Paid Extras

Give your customers the ability to add bags on Vueling - other services like extra leg room, priority boarding and in-flight meals are coming soon.


Seat Selection

Your customers want to decide where they sit. Duffel gives them the power to choose their seats using data sent directly from Vueling.

Docs coming soon



Plans can change. When they do, make it easy for your customer to do everything from updating their departure time, to switching origin/destination, and more coming soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What features are available on Vueling through the Duffel API?

With Duffel, you can search, book, and manage flights, including processing post booking cancellations and refunds. We also have a changes API coming soon that will enable you to change your Vueling flights.

In addition to flights, the Duffel API enables you to sell baggages for Vueling flights.

How does the Duffel API compare to Vueling's API?

The Vueling API offers similar functionality to Duffel, but only allows you to access content from Vueling. If you want to offer content from other airlines, you would then need to integrate each individual airline's API, a process that is costly and time consuming. With Duffel, you integrate once, and get access to a network of 20+ of the world's leading airlines with just a single integration.

Duffel was also built with the developer in mind and offers simple, composable APIs, comprehensive documentation, and a robust testing environment. This means an integration takes minutes, not months. Check out our API Documentation here.