Displaying Stops

What do you need to start?

This guide assumes that you've built a basic "search and book" flow with the Duffel API. If you haven't done this yet, we'd recommend that you read through our Quick Start guide first.

What is a stop?

When flying from your origin to your destination, it's either a non-stop flight or a flight that touches down. The main cause for a flight landing is to switch flights to continue on a journey, after a layover. We refer to these flights as segments, which are within slices.
On rare occasion, a segment itself may touchdown. This is called a stop. When this happens, you continue on the same flight number. The reason for these stops varies and is usually to take on fuel, off-load or on-load passengers, or change to a different aircraft though still with the same flight number..

Is a stopover a stop?

No. This can be confusing, so we'll cover the difference. A layover is a broad term that covers when a flight touches down and you continue after on a different flight number. The length of a layover can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 23 hours and 59 minutes. If it's 24 hours or longer, it's a stopover. A stopover is considered a subset of a layover, by definition.

Why are stops important?

Non-stop vs direct flights are a key deciding factor for which offer a passenger would choose and is thus important to display.

How should I display stops?

This varies per your usage, so always do what is most appropriate. In general though, we recommend using the hierarchy of slice → segment → stop to inform your design. A simpler solution may be better for your product though.

Response example

This is an example taken from a full offer response.


"stops": [
"id": "sto_00009htYpSCXrwaB9Dn456",
"duration": "PT02H26M",
"departing_at": "2020-06-13T16:38:02",
"airport": {
"time_zone": "America/New_York",
"name": "John F. Kennedy International Airport",
"longitude": -73.778519,
"latitude": 40.640556,
"id": "arp_jfk_us",
"icao_code": "KJFK",
"iata_country_code": "US",
"iata_code": "JFK",
"iata_city_code": "NYC",
"city_name": "New York",
"city": {
"name": "New York",
"id": "cit_nyc_us",
"iata_country_code": "US",
"iata_code": "NYC"