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Leave the complexity of building a travel business behind. Integrate quickly and easily to Duffel's state of the art API and take your customers from booking to boarding seamlessly.

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Illustrative map showing business connecting to iata, arc and airlines across the globe

Skip the bureaucracy

Illustrative map showing business connecting to iata, arc and airlines across the globe

Duffel takes care of everything you need to start selling flights today. By integrating with our API, you remove the need for ticketing authority and regulatory requirements like local licensing and benefit from our direct relationships with the world's best airlines.


Designed for developers

Duffel is built from the ground up for developers. Our comprehensive documentation, plug-and-play client libraries and reliable test environment make it easy to build a great travel experience for your customers.

Search for flights across a network of leading airlines with real-time pricing and availability.
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Monetise travel

Illustrative graph showing revenue growth.

Our seamless payments solution means there is no longer a need for capital upfront or bank guarantees. Add mark up to your offering and charge your customers instantly through our API. The dashboard allows you to reconcile your accounts quickly and see how much you earn on each route.


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Ulysse thrives by delivering its loyal customer base what they crave — a simple, sensible travel booking experience. The fast-rising online travel agent (OTA) has its roots in customer empathy and careful engineering.

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