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Any business – from travel startups to financial enterprises – can build with Duffel to search and book flights, add ancillaries, charge customers, and manage orders.

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Regulatory requirements, long processes, outdated software, and endless suppliers still create a lot of complexity in the industry today. Our mission is to make travel effortless.

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No need for accreditation

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Easy-to-use APIs

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Instant access to airlines

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Build the best flights experience for your customers

Flights API

Build an intuitive flight search, offer loyalty programme perks, add seats and bags, manage your orders, and more.

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Designed for developers

Comprehensive docs, user guides, client libraries in Node.js, Python and Ruby, and prebuilt components like seat selection and payments. We designed a great user experience to make it easier for you to do the same.

import { Duffel } from '@duffel/api'
const duffel = new Duffel({
slices: [
origin: "SFO",
destination: "LON",
departure_date: "2023-06-26"
passengers: [{ type: "adult" }],
cabin_class: "business
Client Libraries and SDK

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