Migrating API Version from beta to v1

Refresher on API versions

Every request to Duffel's API must have the version specified. This determines the requests, responses, and overall behaviour. Over time we improve our API. Generally this doesn't require migration. When it does, we provide a migration guide, such as this document. You can read more about how we do versioning in our API reference.

From beta to v1

Having built our confidence in the experience and stability around the beta version, we're launching a v1 version to indicate that. That means that there's no difference between these two versions.
Migration requires changing the Duffel-Version header in your requests from Duffel-Version: beta to Duffel-Version: v1.
If you're using one of our open-source API clients, you'll need to update to the latest release which will have this as the default version or you'll need to specify it. We recommend reading the API client's documentation on which approach to take.

Is that it?

Yes, for this migration! Migrations that involve backwards-incompatible changes will require more and we will always provide a detailed guide.