Booking with Loyalty

Loyalty programmes allow travellers to collect points when making a booking, as well as potentially access member benefits on arrival, such as free Wi-Fi, late checkouts and gifts.
There are 15 Supported loyalty programmes listed in our documentation.

Claiming loyalty on bookings


There are three steps to claim loyalty when making a booking:

Sample flow

Select a rate with loyalty support, and pass its id to quote creation.


const quote = duffel.stays.quotes.create(RATE_ID_FOR_RATE_WITH_LOYALTY_SUPPORT)
Proceed to booking and don't forget to pass loyalty_programme_account_number as part of the payload.


loyalty_programme_account_number: "12901014",
stay_special_requests: "2:00 PM early check-in required",
phone_number: "+442080160509",
guests: [
given_name: "Amelia",
family_name: "Earhart",
born_on: "1987-07-24"
email: "",
accommodation_special_requests: "2:00 PM early check-in required"