Our list APIs (for example "List offer requests" or "List airports") will only return a limited number of results at a time.
By default, we'll return 50 results per page, but you can set this to any number between 1 and 200 with the ?limit querystring parameter (for example by making a request to
At the end of every list response, you'll see a meta object:


"meta": {
"after": "g2wAAAACbQAAABBBZXJvbWlzdC1LaGFya2l2bQAAAB=",
"before": null,
"limit": 50
If meta.after is null, then there are no more results to see.
But if meta.after isn't null, then that means there are more results "over the page".
To look beyond this first page of results, you'll need to use our cursor-based pagination functionality.
To see the next page, make a request to the same URL, but this time, add ?after=${meta.after} to the URL - so in this case, we'd add ?after=g2wAAAACbQAAABBBZXJvbWlzdC1LaGFya2l2bQAAAB=. You'll then see the next 50 results.
To see all of the results, repeat this process until meta.after is null.