Response times

For many requests to the Duffel API, Duffel acts as a proxy, making one or more requests to external airline APIs.

Being a proxy means a couple of things in practice:

  • The response times will heavily depend on the response times of the airline APIs
  • Duffel will inevitably add overhead (latency) to the requests

As we know that response times are very important in providing great user experiences, we try very hard to minimise the latency overhead which we add to requests. We also try to work with airlines to minimise the response times from their APIs as much as possible.

In practice response times vary widely between airlines - some of them take more than a minute to respond. The Duffel API is configured to timeout after a predefined time has passed, this predefined time varies between endpoints and is between 20 and 90 seconds. If you are building an integration with the Duffel API you should take this into consideration (e.g. if your integration is exposed to the user via a user interface you might want to display a loading indicator).