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Duffel partners with ATPCO to enable state-of-the-art fare brand shopping

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Jorge Velasco · May 2023

Starting a travel business and building a search and booking flow can be complex. Nowadays, customers expect a great online shopping experience, and it's important to provide them with clear and accurate information at the time of booking. When it comes to flight bookings, there are at least 32 pieces of information to communicate, including baggage allowance, and the ability to change your flight.

The details of each airline's fares can vary, making it complicated for travel channels to display them consistently. This can create confusion for customers as they browse through flights and try to pick the best fitting option for them.

Duffel has partnered with ATPCO to continue to solve these problems. By integrating ATPCO's Routehappy merchandising content, Duffel can ensure that fare benefits and restrictions are always clear, consistent, and accurate for travellers.

Duffel's easy-to-use APIs return ready-to-display fare brand information for over 300+ airlines, empowering travel sellers to display essential information accurately and confidently from the start of their flight shopping experience.

The modern traveller is used to delightful flight shopping experiences. The Duffel flights API aims to empower any travel seller with the tools to build a booking experience equivalent to an airline’s website. Now, thanks to ATPCO’s Routehappy content, Duffel can confidently deliver accurate, transparent, and rich information on flights.

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