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5 misconceptions of starting a travel business

From regulations and accreditation to payments and support, starting a travel business might seem overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be. Let's untangle the complexity of long processes, countless intermediaries, and confusing acronyms so you can go to market quickly and focus on making money selling flights.

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Misconception 01

Getting into the travel industry today is unthinkable

Starting a travel business in 2022 might not seem like the best idea, especially after a chaotic 18 months for airlines and merchants. Let's explore passenger demand data, investment news, and opportunities for disrupting an outdated industry to learn why this year is a surprisingly good time to build a travel business.

Misconception 02

Starting a travel business is difficult

Becoming an accredited flight seller in multiple countries with dozens of airlines often takes large investment and months of preparation and coordination. Let’s dive into the world of IATA accreditation, airline ticketing authority, and local licensing to understand what it requires and how to speed up the process.


Overcoming the hurdles to build a successful travel startup

Listen to Steve Domin (CEO & Co-founder, Duffel), Tim Rogers (Head of Product, Duffel), and Sam Argyle (Managing Director, Alternative Airlines) discuss why now is the right time to get started, how to navigate regulatory requirements, and what you can do to make money selling flights.

Misconception 03

Processing flight payments is complex

Making money selling flights is the number one priority for any new travel business. Let's go behind the scenes of a typical flight booking to figure out what sellers need to do and how the payments process can be made smoother for everyone involved.

Misconception 04

Managing travel operations is challenging

Giving travellers the best experience has become increasingly difficult with the unpredictability of border restrictions and flight cancellations. Let's uncover what it takes to run an effective Travel Ops team and how this important function can be successfully managed.

Misconception 05

Building a travel API integration is time-consuming

Launching a travel business has traditionally involved lots of systems, tools, and APIs with ambiguous documentation and limited support. Let's explore the considerations for building a reliable and scalable flights integration and how developer experience can be improved.

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