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Comprehensive API documentation, integration guides, and client libraries in Node,js, Python and Ruby. We provide a robust test environment that reflects production behaviour so you can build the best customer experiences with confidence.

import { Duffel } from '@duffel/api'
const duffel = new Duffel({
location: {
radius: 5,
geographic_coordinates: {
latitude: 40.730610,
longitude: -73.935242
check_in_date: "2023-10-20",
check_out_date: "2023-10-24",
adults: 2,
rooms: 1
Client Libraries and SDK

Full suite of features

Visualisation of checking out a booking

Negotiated rates

Give your customers the best price with access to our discounted rates.


Loyalty programmes

Search using loyalty numbers to earn points and access exclusive rates.


High-quality media

Inspire customer buying confidence with high quality imagery, amenities and more.


Special requests

Allow your customers to add special requests and share them with the hotel.


Manage bookings

Everything you need to care for your customers through our Dashboard & API.

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