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Start selling flights today and pay per booking on the platform. Make up to 1500 searches for each order created.


per order

Excess search

We'll charge this fee if you make more than 1500 searches for each order you create.


per excess search


Leverage Duffel's network of agencies around the world to start selling instantly. No need for accreditation, airline relationships or financial guarantees.


in the flight price

Access it all through our API

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If you wish to discuss our enterprise pricing please contact us here  


Local cards

Pay this fee for local cards per transaction.


per successful charge

International cards

For any card outside of your continent pay this fee per transaction.


per successful charge + FX fees where applicable

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Duffel helps businesses of all sizes provide fantastic flight booking experiences to their customers at every step of their travel journey.


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Find and reserve flights for customers across a network of leading airlines.



Make changes to existing reservations using Duffel's API.


Cancel & Refund

Cancel a reservation and issue a timely refund using our API.


Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Try our API Documentation or Contact us.

What airlines do I get access to?

Today, you can access 25+ airlines all through one single API integration. We're always adding airlines and have many new integrations planned for 2021. Click here for the list of airlines live on Duffel, as well as those that are next up for integration!

How much do refunds and cancellations cost?

We won't charge you anything extra for refunds or cancellations to flight bookings. To learn more about how to process cancellation please click here.

What are FX fees?

FX or Foreign Exchange fees are incurred if a currency conversion is required. We will charge 2% on the exchange rate.

What if I want to bring my own IATA or ARC accreditation?

If you have your own IATA or ARC accreditation and would like to use that with Duffel please reach out to us here to discuss the process.

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