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Fees breakdown


This fee is charged monthly for every confirmed order.


per order

Managed Content

This fee is charged monthly for every confirmed order.


total order value


This fee is charged monthly per paid ancillary.


per paid ancillary

Excess search fee

This fee is charged monthly if you exceed a search to book ratio of 1500:1.


search to book ratio


per excess search

Profit share

Profit share on every completed stay.


This fee is charged monthly and includes up to 50k links generated.


per month

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What if I want to use my own IATA or ARC accreditation?

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That’s no problem! If you have your own accreditation and would like to use it please contact us to discuss pricing and next steps.
Alternatively, you can use our accreditation through our Managed Content. This includes access to our 5 IATAs worldwide with no need for any additional forms or up-front capital.

Why do you charge an excess search fee?

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Excess Search is a fee that ensures you maintain a healthy search-to-book ratio of no more than 1500 searches to one order.

This fee is charged to make sure we can adequately cover the costs of processing your searches.


If you make 10 orders in a month, then you'll be allowed 10 * 1500 = 15000 searches free of charge. If you made 25,000 searches, then you'd pay (25000 - 15000) * $0.005 = $50

What are FX fees?

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FX or Foreign Exchange fees are incurred if a currency conversion is required. We will charge 2% on the exchange rate.

How do I get enterprise pricing?

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If you are existing travel seller and wish to discuss our enterprise pricing please contact us here.

What is Links?

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Links is a low code solution where you can offer your customer a state-of-the-art flight booking experience, customised to your brand by generating one single link. Use up to 50k sessions per month on this plan.

How does Stays profit sharing work?

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Commission is payable by the accommodation provider on completed bookings. When you book with Duffel, we share that commission with you. The more volume you place through Duffel, the larger your share of the profit from the commission. A Stays booking is considered completed once the guest checks out of the accommodation.

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