Flexible pricing for businesses of all sizes

Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing with no hidden fees or markups.


£35 / month

free for 2021

+ £0.75 per order

Perfect for new travel companies to hit the ground running and instantly start selling flights using a powerful API platform.

Make up to 50 orders per month

Email support included

Access Duffel Content for just +0.5% fee per order


£75 / month

+ £0.65 per order

Built for growing travel companies to scale fast and efficiently, using features designed to expand their business, and easy access to new content.

Make up to 1000 orders per month

First 50 orders / month are free

Email & premium chat support included

Access Duffel Content for just +0.5% fee per order



Volume-based pricing

Design a custom pricing plan with Duffel. Tailored for businesses with large order volumes and unique business requirements.

All Plus plan benefits are included

First 300 orders / month are free

Volume-based monthly pricing

Dedicated account manager

Integration assistance

Not an accredited travel agent?  Get access to Duffel Content Services for an extra 0.5% per order.

full plan comparison

Pick the plan
that’s right for you

Whether you’re a travel company just getting started or rapidly expanding into new markets, Duffel gives you the flexibility to start selling and growing your business.







Includes flights and ancillaries

NDC ready

Access to network of leading carriers

20+ airlines

20+ airlines

Booking fee discount

Best in class support

Email support only

Email + chat support

Monthly order limit




search and book

Search API

Orders API

Cancellations API

Airlines API

Aircraft API

Test environment

Booking fee



Look to book ratio




Services API

Seat Maps API

Ancillary fee

£0.35 per ancillary

£0.30 per ancillary


Airports API







Manage Orders

POS in 5 countries (US, GB, AU, FR, IE)

24x7 travel support

Additional Duffel Content fee

+ 0.5% per order

+ 0.5% per order


Technical support (email)

Priority technical support (email, chat)

Custom-built pricing

Design the plan that fits your business

Duffel’s pricing model is a lot like our platform — it’s built to suit your business. If you have large order volumes, or a business model that requires a tailored pricing plan, we’re happy to design a plan that works for you.

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everything you need to grow

Your new toolbox for travel.

Duffel helps businesses of all sizes provide fantastic flight booking experiences to their customers at every step of their travel journey.


Search & Book

Find and reserve flights for customers across a network of leading airlines.


Seat Selection

Allow your customers to select their seats on flights.


Cancel & Refund

Cancel a reservation and issue a timely refund using our API.


Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Try our API Documentation or Contact us.

What is the Duffel Content fee?

Duffel allows you to skip the slow and painful steps of getting accredited, building relationships with airlines and getting ticketing authority (sometimes known as a “ticketing plate”). For just an extra 0.5% fee on each order, you can piggy-back on our accreditations and airline relationships instead. We call this “Duffel Content". The Duffel Content service includes 5 point of sales (United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, Ireland) and agreements to sell flights with 20+ airlines, so that you can become an accredited travel agent from day one.

Already an IATA accredited agent but looking to access a new point of sale and/or Duffel's ticketing authority for a specific airline?

Not a problem! With Duffel, you can mix and match, setting up some airlines with your own agreements and others with Duffel's agreements. For each order placed using Duffel's point of sale or ticketing authority, we will charge an additional 0.5%. Want to set up your own accreditations? Send us an email at

What airlines can I access with Duffel?

Today, you can access 20+ airlines all through a single API integration. We're always adding airlines and have many new integrations planned for 2021.

Click here for the list of airlines live on Duffel, as well as those that are next up for integration!

How do I pay for flights with Duffel?

If you're not an IATA agent, you will pay for flights and paid extras using a simple prepaid account that we call the Duffel Wallet. You can top up your Wallet and keep track of your balance and transactions from the Wallet area in your Duffel dashboard (see below). Each time you top up the wallet, you can use these funds to spend on flights from the airlines you're connected to.

Screenshot of the Duffel Wallet.

How do I cancel or upgrade my subscription package?

Each subscription will be charged on a monthly basis. To cancel your subscription, simply notify our team via chat or email 30 days in advance and we will cancel your subscription for the following billing month.

Want to upgrade? Let's make it happen! Send us an email or chat and we will make sure to quickly get you set up with the new package.

What happens if I exceed my number of monthly orders?

Duffel tracks the number of monthly orders for each customer. If you exceed the number of orders in a given month, not a problem! We understand customer behavior isn't the easiest thing to predict : ) We will simply notify you that you have gone over the tier limit.

If you continue to exceed the limit for 3 months in a row, we will kindly ask that you upgrade to the higher package or else have the account temporarily disabled.

What is the look to book ratio?

Most airlines set "look-to-book ratios", which require you to make at least one booking for a certain number of searches. For example, a look-to-book ratio of 1000:1 would mean that you must make at least one booking for every 1,000 searches you perform on the platform.

We've built smart technology at Duffel that helps us to track and manage these look-to-book ratios effectively and allow you to make more searches with less worry. However, we expect that you stay within the look-to-book ratio specified for your plan type. If we see consistent behavior of look-to-book ratios exceeding those specified, we will have to temporarily disable your account.

Already an IATA agent?

We won't set any look-to-book ratios from our side. You will need to comply with whatever look-to-book ratios are already specified within your existing airline agreements.

What features am I able to access in test mode?

You'll start by building your Duffel integration in our test environment.

In our test mode, you can search and book flights with two of our partner airlines, American Airlines and Vueling, plus our test airline, Duffel Airways.

Our test mode is completely safe - there's no danger of spending any money or booking flights you don't want. Our test mode gives you everything you need to build your Duffel integration.

What is the Duffel dashboard?

The Duffel dashboard is now available to everyone. It is a fully functioning user interface that allows you to search, book, and manage flights without ever having to do an API integration.

Why are you waiving fees on my first 1000 bookings in 2021?

The travel sector saw a substantial hit to growth in 2020 on the back of the Coronavirus pandemic. Airlines and travel merchants were forced to cut jobs and revenues declined sharply across the industry. It is our hope that 2021 will open the door to a brighter future for travel and we want to do our part in helping the industry build back better together. We hope that our new self-serve platform and our decision to waive fees on the first 1000 bookings in 2021 will provide travel merchants with much needed relief and easier access to a technology that will improve their customer's experience.

Will this apply after 2021?

No. We will only waive fees on your first 1000 bookings within the 2021 year.

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