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In this guide, learn about NDC, the history and benefits, how to get access to content, and the differences between aggregators and which airlines are certified.


Welcome to Duffel's NDC Hub.

New Distribution Capability - or NDC - is a travel industry standard for the distribution and retailing of flight content and is applicable to airlines, aggregators, and travel sellers. You can also think of NDC in the reverse → the capability to distribute content in a new way.

In this guide, you will learn the core concepts and key takeaways for NDC:

  1. What is NDC?
  2. History of NDC
  3. Benefits of NDC
  4. Getting access to NDC
  5. How does NDC compare to GDS
  6. Airlines and NDC

We'll dive further into each section and provide descriptions and examples to help guide you through the complex world of airline content. Explore the chapters below.

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  1. Chapter 1: What is NDC?

    In this chapter, we will cover what New Distribution Capability (NDC) is and the different levels of certification.

  2. Chapter 2: History of NDC

    In this chapter, get an overview of the history of flight content and how NDC began. We also highlight what is included in the standard and why some airlines don't offer NDC today

  3. Chapter 3: Benefits of NDC

    Why should you care about NDC? This chapter outlines all the benefits for NDC from an airline perspective, as a travel seller, or even for travellers

  4. Chapter 4: Getting access to NDC

    Explore the different ways that you can use to get access to NDC content and learn more about NDC aggregators - who they are and what they offer.

  5. Chapter 5: How does NDC compare to GDS

    Discover how NDC relates to Global Distribution Systems (or GDSs for short) and view the differences in a comparison chart.

  6. Chapter 6: Airlines and NDC

    This chapter highlights the full list of airlines with NDC and what level of certification they currently offer.

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