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Fairjungle and Duffel optimise the business travel experience

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Steve Domin · January 2024

Fairjungle, an all-in-one solution for booking, managing, and tracking business travel, simplifies the process for employees with its next-generation booking engine. It offers teams high levels of personalisation, making travel management effortless.

Partnering with a technology leader like Duffel will allow Fairjungle to utilise the benefits of the New Distribution Capability (NDC). This includes streamlined booking processes, post-sales automation, comprehensive offerings, enhanced traveller empowerment, and even more competitive rates.

This partnership aligns with Fairjungle's strategy to become the leader in business travel management in Europe. It provides an intuitive, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for businesses. Duffel’s NDC content portfolio provides access to the majority of the globe's major airlines, like Air France-KLM, Qantas, United, American Airlines, Air Canada and many more. The partnership also future-proofs Fairjungle by providing automatic access to any new direct airline connections. Additionally, any new ancillaries or promotions offered by NDC airlines will be directly available to Fairjungle’s customers, making them the first to benefit from any new features.

“Fairjungle strongly believes in the future of air distribution through NDC, as it represents a standard that is beneficial for both agencies and travellers. We are thrilled to collaborate with Duffel, the most technologically advanced player in this field.” - Saad Berrada, CEO & cofounder of Fairjungle

“It's exciting to see an innovative partner like Fairjungle adopting our flights API. With direct access to NDC flight content, they can offer a broader range of flight travel options to their business travellers. This integration enables their end users to book flights and ancillaries quickly, easily, and transparently." - Steve Domin, CEO Duffel

Here are some key benefits of a direct connection to NDC:

Save on GDS fees

Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) charge airlines a fee for bookings made on their platforms. Part of this fee can be passed back to you as an incentive to sell through the GDS. More airlines are now charging their own fees to GDSs on EDIFACT bookings to recover costs and encourage them to develop NDC solutions. These fees can exceed GDS incentives. Therefore, selling flights through NDC channels offers the cheapest fares and improves your margins.

Flight ancillaries

You can charge for ancillaries that may not be available from all airlines through GDS EDIFACT channels. These can include seats, bags, in-flight entertainment, WiFi, meals, and airport lounge access. Ancillary revenue can reach up to $49 per passenger for traditional airlines and $65 for low-cost carriers. Using rich content, you can better showcase these ancillaries to customers.

Rich content

Rich content refers to the information and media of product offerings, such as videos of business class suites, photos of seats with extra legroom, or information about a first class airport lounge. You can access rich content directly from airlines through NDC that isn't available via traditional GDS channels. This information helps customers understand the value of your offers, improving conversion rates for standalone, upsell, and cross-sell products.

Better pricing structures

NDC also offers improved pricing structures to boost conversion rates, enhance customer experiences, and increase customer revenue. Airlines used to be restricted to 26 price points, leading to significant price jumps between fare classes. With NDC, airlines can offer continuous or dynamic pricing, customised to individuals or groups based on contextual information.

Transparent data sharing

The XML-based NDC standard allows you to share customer information with airlines. This results in personalised offers and product bundles. Customers are accustomed to personalised experiences in other areas, like movie recommendations on Netflix or product suggestions on Amazon. Now you can offer this level of experience for travel, presenting customers with products that are relevant to them and they're likely to purchase.

Exclusive fares and promotions

Lastly, you can take advantage of exclusive fares and promotions offered by airlines that aren't available through GDSs. Cheaper fares or limited-time discounts attract price-sensitive customers or reward frequent flyers with special rates.

For instance, if an airline offers a summer or winter sale with £50 off all flights for a limited time, these might only be available directly on their website or through NDC channels. You can pass these savings directly to customers or use the difference to improve profit margins.

To learn more about selling and getting instant access to NDC airlines without the hassle of accreditation or technical implementation, contact Duffel today. One of our travel tech consultants will connect with you and show you your options.

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