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Flymble expands buy now, pay later flight coverage with Duffel

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Matt Williamson · August 2021

Flymble started as a travel booking platform aimed at students to make going on holiday or a gap year even more affordable. Their unique selling point is making global travel accessible to everyone by spreading the flight cost over monthly payments with partners like Klarna.

Flymble came to us pre-pandemic with two goals: expanding their flight coverage and improving the experience for customers.

Expanding flight coverage

Their initial partner wasn’t able to provide the exact airlines or experience Flymble wanted so they needed to look elsewhere. And while the industry has gone through significant challenges due to the pandemic, the travel seller prioritised adding destinations to excite their customers for when the world was open for travel again.

With plans to increase the number of destinations and a desire to expand into the US market, Flymble was looking for a partner that provided flight content from a specific list of airlines. When exploring flight APIs to access the airlines they needed, we landed at the top of the list.

‘Duffel has been a great partner for us when it comes to improving content, we’ve seen a 50% increase in traffic directly due to adding more routes.’ Henry Wynaendts, CEO – Flymble.

Flymble are also adding hotels through a new partnership with Expedia, focusing specifically on the US. The extra flight routes and expansion into hotels allow Flymble to offer a complete package for their customers and set the business up for success as global travel resumes.

Improving customer experience

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Flymble, especially in a world where people have to be mindful of last-minute changes and cancellations. Flymble’s initial partner wasn’t able to facilitate changes in a way that allowed Flymble to be reactive, which in turn impacted their users’ experience.

We help Flymble process changes or cancellations in a way that notifies the customer and facilitates a change easily.

‘We know that putting our customers first is vital and Duffel makes it incredibly easy to do that.’  Henry Wynaendts, CEO Flymble

Support for integrating with Duffel

Before and during the technical integration process, Flymble worked closely with our product and engineering teams. Flymble value the end-to-end support available during the integration along with the continued availability from our travel operations team as the travel seller continue to add more routes and capabilities to their offering.

What’s next?

Wynaendts has big ambitions for Flymble: to be the global leader in pay monthly travel. Partnering with Expedia to offer hotels is one way the business is improving the product offering for customers. And although flights will continue to be a core part of their business, the option of a complete travel package is already resonating strongly with their US customers.

We're adding new airlines regularly and expanding capabilities with features like Offer and Order conditions and Pay Later. Travel is rebounding in the US and worldwide so the timing for growth couldn't be better. For Duffel and Flymble, this is just the beginning.

Expanding your flight coverage with Duffel

We make it easy for you to start and scale your travel business. Once you integrate with our Flights API, you’ll have access to 300+ airlines from all major distribution channels: Global Distribution System, New Distribution Capability, and direct connections with low-cost carriers.

To make the development process easier, we offer a suite of APIs including Payments API and Place Suggestion API, as well as comprehensive developer documentation, client libraries, an example Duffel app, and user interface components.

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