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British Airways' new Select and Select Pro fare brands are available through Duffel

British Airways' new Select and Select Pro fare brands are available through Duffel
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers
24 February 2021

Today, British Airways has launched two new fare brands: Select and Select Pro.

These new products, which offer extra flexibility options for customers, are available from day one for travel sellers using the Duffel API and booking tool.

This is our second day in a row helping airlines to drive new airline products, after the launch on Duffel of American Airlines' brand new Main Plus product yesterday.

Select and Select Pro appear seamlessly alongside BA's existing Basic, Plus and Flex products.

Select and Select Pro display in Duffel's NDC-powered booking tool alongside BA's other fare brands

What's special about Select and Select Pro?

Select and Select Pro allow customers to cancel their flights ahead of travel and receive a cash refund.

With the Select product, there's a small penalty from $35/£25/€30 each way to get the refund. It's available for both short-haul and long-haul itineraries.

Passengers choosing Select Pro can get a refund completely free of charge. This option is only available for long-haul flights.

Where are Select and Select Pro available?

These new products aren't available direct from British Airways, for example on their website. They're only sold via third-party travel sellers.

Travel sellers can sell these new fare brands using global distribution systems (GDSs) like Amadeus and Sabre.

But they are better off using an NDC-powered provider like Duffel. With NDC, you can get these new products, access BA's lowest prices and avoid their hefty GDS fee.

To learn more about NDC and how you can get started with Duffel, check out our "Why does NDC matter to my travel business?" blog post.

For more details on Select and Select Pro, head to the British Airways Trade Support website.

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