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Behind the Scenes: How Hotel Booking Works

Ever wondered what happens when you click the "Book Now" button for your next hotel stay? Dive into our latest blog post where we uncover the technology, strategy, and major players behind the scenes of hotel booking.

Profile image of post author Paul Buliga
Paul Buliga · March 2024

The Dynamic Duo: Why Travel and Spend Management are Inseparable

Check out this insightful article on the inseparable relationship between travel and spend management.

Profile image of post author Rob Ferry
Rob Ferry · February 2024

Exploring the Integration of Travel Booking Portals by Banks

The lines between industries are blurring, banks are selling flights now? 🤔 Learn why companies are adding travel booking to their services Benefits like added revenue, customer loyalty, and seamless upselling... it makes sense. But HOW do they do it? We explored the strategies.

Profile image of post author Côme
Côme · February 2024

Welcome Scott!

🚀 Exciting news at Duffel! 🌟 Scott Brodows joins as VP of Revenue, bringing expertise in travel tech. His leadership is vital as we expand.

Fairjungle and Duffel optimise the business travel experience

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Fairjungle and Duffel! This collaboration aims to enhance the business traveller's experience, offering them a wider range of flight options and travel deals.

Recap: The airline industry in 2023

Recap of 2023 in the airline industry: Ryanair soared, several airlines took their last flight, and new players entered the airspace.

Ways Challenger Banks Increase Share of Wallet

Let's deep dive into the areas that challenger banks (or often called “Neo Banks”) expand to increase Share of Wallet. In banking, Share of Wallet, refers to the percentage of a customer's total financial activities, such as deposits, loans, or investments, that a bank manages.

Europe’s top spend management solutions and their travel booking capabilities

This blog explores various top-rated spend management solutions in Europe, with a focus on their capabilities to handle business travel expenses and bookings. It highlights the importance of an integrated booking experience and introduces Duffel's solution.

Duffel and Worldia strengthen their partnership with seamless integration

Duffel, a leading travel technology solutions provider, and Worldia, a distinguished travel tech company, are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in their partnership.

Air Canada NDC is now available on Duffel

Air Canada, one of the world's leading airlines, is now live with NDC on the Duffel platform,

Introducing the Duffel Ancillaries component

Offer ancillaries to your customers and maximise revenue in minutes with the Duffel Ancillaries component.

Duffel partners with ATPCO to enable state-of-the-art fare brand shopping

Duffel’s easy-to-use APIs now contains structured fare conditions, aircraft amenities and rich media content.

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