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Scoot is now available with Duffel

Scoot is a low-cost carrier and a subsidiary of SIA Group (Singapore Airlines). With Scoot, you can offer your customers flexible and cost-effective flights to 60+ in the Asia-Pacific region.

Profile image of post author Martine Olsen
Martine Olsen · November 2022

Get high-quality, brand-compliant airline logos in our Flights API

We’ve introduced hundreds of airline logos in our Flights API as part of the complete toolkit for selling flights.

Profile image of post author Jonny Blackler
Jonny Blackler · August 2022

Why product design matters at an API company

The design considerations are clear when developing an app with a visual interface. That’s not the case when building an API.

Profile image of post author Krystian Zun
Krystian Zun · August 2022

How to build a flight API: exploring our tech stack

The travel industry is built on a complex web of legacy systems. We've designed a tech stack with the latest tools to help us move faster.

Making flight searches better: multi-step, deadlines, filters, and offer conditions

Customers are willing to wait a couple of seconds, but what about 30? Use these search features to deliver more relevant results faster.

Perspectives on the future of NDC: IATA, Hawaiian Airlines, Alternative Airlines, and Duffel

NDC adoption is accelerating. Here's what you can expect from IATA, an airline, travel seller, and tech provider in the years to come.

Celebrating Pride month 2022 at Duffel

We marked Pride month by celebrating, learning from less visible members of the LGBTQ+ community, and supporting a great cause.

Key takeaways from ElixirConf EU 2022

We celebrated ten years of Elixir by joining the community at ElixirConf. We enjoyed loads of great talks and these are the highlights.

Manage flight changes in minutes with new Order Management features

New features to improve how you manage airline-initiated changes across 300+ airlines.

How to talk about the value of NDC to business leaders

When stakeholders ask about the business value and considerations of using NDC, this is how we answer common questions.

How we’re improving web accessibility at Duffel

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, our user experience engineering team dedicated the day to improving the accessibility of the Duffel Dashboard.

How NDC helps travel sellers make money in 2022

Passengers are taking to the skies again and you have the opportunity to deliver great experiences and make money as a travel seller using NDC.

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