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Integrate quickly and easily to Duffel's state of the art APIs. With accreditation covered, no setup fees, and access to the world's best airlines, take your customers from booking to boarding seamlessly.


Everything you need to sell flights

Historically, becoming a registered travel agent has been a costly and time-consuming process that is required per country you wish to operate in. Today, Duffel's self-serve platform gives access to global airline content with no upfront costs removing the barriers so anyone can start selling flights.

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Duffel's self-serve platform means you start selling flights to your customers right away. No waiting for contracts - get instant access to the complete product suite as soon as you sign up.

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Integrate quickly

With a comprehensive and up-to-date dev environment, you can seamlessly build your travel business from Day 1. Our in-depth documentation and robust testing environment enables you to create the ideal travel experience for your customers.

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Get access to 300+ Airlines

The Duffel Flights API gives you access to the world's leading airlines all with one simple integration. Sell ancillaries like seats and bags and offer your customers the ability to change or cancel flights.

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Charge your customers

The Duffel Payments API allows you to charge your customers in 35 currencies using all major payment methods. With no lengthy approval processes or large upfront capital needed, you can start making money right away.

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Manage bookings with ease

Transform your customer's experience beyond searching and booking for flights. Use the dashboard to manage cancellations, changes and more with ease.

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